Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weston's Birth

We have a new member of our family as of November 26th! Our new little boy was born at 8:44 am at 8 lbs 13 oz and measuring 21 inches. He was so badly beat up when he came out! His whole head and face was purple, my poor baby. His eyes are even still red with hemorrhages, poor little guy! He had a very tough labor and so did I. The whole thing lasted about six and a half hours and I didn't push for too long. This labor was so much more intense than the last one though. I think I pretty much lost my mind towards the end! For both labors I didn't do any pain medication... for this one I was definitely wanting some, but it was too late! Weston's labor was so much more painful than my first baby's. While my first delivery left me feeling empowered this one left me traumatized. I told my husband we aren't having any more babies unless I get pain meds, lol. I was going into this labor thinking the second one was supposed to be easier than the first, boy was I wrong! I'm still having flashbacks of how horribly painful it was. We're both still recovering almost a week later, but it was worth it. So, on to some pictures!

Even though the labor and delivery were so much more intense than Lucy's, Weston is a much better newborn. (sorry baby girl! lol ) He has already taken to nursing like a pro and is sleeping two to three hour stretches at night. I'm so thankful for that! I'm so much more awake this time around. ^_~ Anyway, thanks for reading!

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